#1 Here We Go Again… GA Mailer Urges Democrats to Vote For RINO – Bashes Conservative Candidate by Eglman 14.07.2014 09:23


Taking a page out of the Cochran plan book?
Georgia’s 10th district calls on Democrats to cross over and vote for the RINO Mike Collins in a runoff to PREVENT Tea Party candidate Jody Hice from winning…

The GOP establishment better wise up.
The conservative base in the party does not appreciate being called racist, homophobes.

The AJC reported:

Could Georgia’s 10th Congressional District runoff take a page from the Mississippi U.S. Senate race?

Tim Bryant spoke on the radio the other day about a mailer he received urging Democrats to vote for trucking executive Mike Collins in the Republican runoff in the race to replace U.S. Rep. Paul Broun. Collins is running against minister Jody Hice, whose comments about Islam, women and gays have caused a stir.

A reader sent us the mailer itself, which we present above. It was attached to an absentee ballot application. The argument:

“Due to the gerrymandering of our Congressional district, it is nearly impossible for a Democrat to get elected. … We, as citizens of the 10th Congressional District, cannot afford a Congressman like Jody Hice. Why you ask? Here are just a few reasons why Hice is too radical to represent us in Washington.”

The mailer does not say who paid for it — and the only reported outside spending on mailers in the race has been by a gun rights group for Hice — so we can’t say for sure it is the Democrats.

Read the rest here.http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/07/...tive-candidate/

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