#1 Dangerous, Filthy Homeless Encampments Force Closure of Hawaii Public Park Indefinitely by Cincinnatus 23.10.2017 04:51


Hawaii is a solid blue state. It's one of those places which revels in political correctness and practices all the right social virtues. Thus the homeless are to be treated just like everyone else, only with a bigger dash of compassion and understanding. Really nice and it gets you these kinds of results.

Kakaako Waterfront Park on the island of Oahu has been closed indefinitely in order to repair the damage done by a large homeless population that has been camping there in makeshift huts and tents. This is an unprecedented move by the state of Hawaii. The Honolulu Star-Advertiser has details about the massive damage and public safety hazards in the park.

"[P]ark officials say they can no longer ensure the safety of park users following a recent series of dog bites, fires and vandalism attributed to an estimated 180 homeless people living along the Kakaako shoreline....Right now, with dog attacks and exposed wires and broken plumbing, it’s just not safe," the report explained.

The beautiful islands of Hawaii harbor a longstanding but growing problem: Homelessness is a plague that seems to have no solution. Hawaii's beaches are its lifeblood, the draw for millions of tourists who keep Hawaii going. The beaches are also all public, a point of contention with many big hotels that would like to have private beaches for their clientele but are not allowed to by state law. This high regard for public access to all Hawaii beaches makes the move by the state to indefinitely close off Kakaako Park even more unusual and upsetting to residents.


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