#1 Letting the IRS Get Away with It by Cincinnatus 29.06.2014 21:41


This is a longish opinion piece by Mark Steyn, one of my favorite commentators, so I will only post the link for those who would care to peruse it. The subject of the piece is important, however, as it deals with why Steyn will not create at 501(c) in order to solicit funds in his legal battles with Michael Mann. The basic reason, as he documents, is that the names of any contributors are not, as they should be, secure with the IRS; donors are subject to Leftist intimidation and bullying (as already has happened); and the government, namely the Holder Justice Dept. will do nothing about it.

A good column, as is customary with Mr Steyn, well worth the read, though it might make you angry (but what doesn't these days?).


#2 RE: Letting the IRS Get Away with It by algernonpj 30.06.2014 10:01


The corruption of this republic is a disgrace. As I said, this is not Scandinavian-style statism, but something uglier and more thuggish. The conscription of the bureaucracy to torment the ruling party's ideological enemies is Banana Republic 101. And, until they're stopped, they will do it again.


Excellent column. Thanks for the link.

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