#1 [Scott] Brown stands by his Mass vote creating clinic ‘buffer zones’ by Cincinnatus 29.06.2014 17:29


With friends like this.

"CONCORD — Former Sen. Scott Brown, who voted for the Massachusetts law creating “buffer zones” around clinics where abortions are performed, says he does not regret his vote in the aftermath of a U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down the law.

The Massachusetts law kept protesters at least 35 feet clinic entrances. The high court unanimously struck down the law Thursday as a violation of First Amendment freedom of speech rights.

In a statement Friday, Brown said:
“I supported the Massachusetts law that created buffer zones around abortion clinics. Despite the Supreme Court’s decision striking down that law, I do not regret my vote.

“No matter how you feel about abortion, women should feel safe when they seek out and obtain medical services for themselves. Here in New Hampshire we have a similar buffer zone law."


The babies about to be slaughtered have no need for a buffer zone in which to be safe.


#2 RE: [Scott] Brown stands by his Mass vote creating clinic ‘buffer zones’ by PzLdr 29.06.2014 18:02


Hey, Scotty!

How's that New Hampshire thing workin' out for ya? Carpetbag still packed?

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