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October 16, 2013
Obama: the Revolutionary as Halfwit
By Eugene Ostrovsky

Nobody expected that Barack Obama would be so inept. What to make of his astonishingly clumsy performance as President of the United States? His blatant reluctance to govern, his open disdain for Congress and the Constitution, his ill manners hardly befitting a national leader and reeking of a street tough, his open preference for infantile fun over grown-up duty, the arrogance he doesn't even try to hide (indeed he seems to relish flaunting it), his whoppers, so numerous and blatant he could give the Clintons a run for their money... We were promised the moon and the sky, let alone receding oceans -- and got a big, fat dud instead. Watching all these unmistakable signs of a man way in over his head, it is tempting to suspect it's all an act. Could anybody so widely touted as a gift to mankind be so pathetic? Surely Obama only pretends to be a clown; there must be a method to this madness. Rush Limbaugh is the most visible exponent of the theory that Obama knows exactly what he is doing, that his real goal is to ruin America as we know it, and everything he does is strategically geared to his destructive objective.

I yield to no one in my respect for Mount Rushbo. But on this point, I beg to disagree with him. I think Rush is trying to break down an open door. Of course, Obama is a revolutionary communist (whether card-carrying or not), and of course, his aim is to demolish the capitalist system of which America is the foremost exponent. Everything we know about him, everything he does, points in this direction. As a matter of fact, he has never concealed his real intentions. Didn't he promise, mere days before the 2008 election, to "fundamentally transform America" if elected? To radically transform the country after extolling it, on the campaign trail, as the envy of the world means exactly that -- to destroy it. Thus, you might say that a child trampling the flowers is fundamentally transforming the flower bed, or that American and British flyers leveling the Ruhr were fundamentally transforming the industrial landscape of Nazi Germany.

So I wholeheartedly concur with Limbaugh's theory as to Barack Obama's real agenda. But where I part ways with Rush is regarding his insistence that Obama's pratfalls are calculated ploys, means to the heinous end and evidence of his diabolical cleverness. Why mix apples and oranges? The Occam's razor rule stipulates that the simplest explanation is often the likeliest one. Sometimes a spade is just a spade. I can see no contradiction between Obama's destructive goal and his stupendous incompetence. That is to say, while clearly harboring evil designs, Obama is genuinely inept in implementing his plans.

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