#1 Senate Leaders Reach Budget Deal by conservgramma 16.10.2013 11:54


Fox News

deal, aide says
Published October 16, 2013
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Senate negotiators have reached a tentative deal to end the partial government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling, a Senate aide told Fox News, as leaders prepared to brief their members on the emerging plan.

Senators have been scrambling since Tuesday night to hammer out a proposal, following the collapse of a plan in the House of Representatives.

Talks were led by Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, who planned to discuss the framework with members of his caucus late Wednesday morning.

Somehow I just know, KNOW, conservatives have been screwed once again. Sigh.

#2 RE: Senate Leaders Reach Budget Deal by algernonpj 16.10.2013 18:00



I haven't seen it specified in any articles, but no doubt it's a 'clean CR', i.e. it funds ObamaCare.

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