#1 Feds Spent $5 Billion On Obamacare Exchanges And They Aren’t Done Yet by Eglman 25.06.2014 19:26


The federal government has spent a whopping $5 billion on the Obamacare exchanges, and they aren’t done yet. There’s a section in the law allowing for the Dept. of Health and Human Services to have “indefinite” funding, so basically they’ve been written a blank check.

“The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is incurring significant administrative costs to support [federally-facilitated exchanges] FFE operations,” the report, which was released earlier this month, said.

According to CMS, the government spent $456 million to support “exchange operations” between fiscal years 2010 and 2012, before the law went into effect. In 2013 the government spent $1.545 billion for administrative costs associated with the exchanges, and expects to spend an additional $1.390 million this year. The agency has requested another $1.788 billion for 2015.

The law enabled HHS to distribute multiple grants to states to plan and establish exchanges. Initial planning grants were valued at $1 million, though multiple rounds of “exchange establishment grants” cost much more, totaling $4.6 billion.

Every state and D.C. received planning grants except Alaska, which did not apply.

The government also provided $249 million for “early innovator” grants for states creating their own exchanges. (Read More)

They spend our money like it’s growing on trees.

Read more:http://lonelyconservative.com/2014/06/fe...arent-done-yet/

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