#1 How far he has brought us by Cincinnatus 20.06.2014 03:32


In a larger piece discussing the decline of the West at PJ Media by Richard Fernandez, the following observation is made.

"President Obama is finding to his surprise that his deconstruction of America cuts both ways. After convincing voters that America never had any strategic interests in Iraq, he can scarcely muster any argument for doing anything there. If any Mexican can come across the border to become “American” then there’s no reason why said “Americans” should obey him, and not the president of Mexico. After all the president of Mexico speaks Spanish and Obama doesn’t.

Having proved to all that “nothing is worth dying for” it is all too easy to add “including anything Obama tells you to die for”. By converting the US Ship of State into a clown car Obama made himself a clown. And that is how Obama is being treated. He’s excluded from talks between Putin, Merkel and Hollande over the latest crisis in Ukraine though doubtless he’s being kept informed on the golf course. Obama is out of the loop as Leader of the Free World — a term which itself was made a running joke by the Left — so why take it seriously?"


Think about that. In a meeting involving world leaders discussing a European hot spot, the President of the United States is totally ignored. Who would have thought we would see the day?

#2 RE: How far he has brought us by algernonpj 20.06.2014 10:23


Al Qaeda hardly ever won a single kinetic battle against the US. But it won the fight that counted. By their brutality, obstinacy and will they have proved they will not go away before we will.

Thomas Sowell, who born in 1930, is old enough to remember World War 2 and a generation that would simply crush ISIS like a bug. ]In those days people wanted their culture to survive enough to pay a high price for it. America beat the Nazis and Soviets though it took them hundreds of thousands of lives and decades to do it. Just think of that.

The money quote describing why our culture is being lost.

#3 RE: How far he has brought us by Rufus T Firefly 20.06.2014 12:20


Excellent - the only part I would quibble with is the title:

How far he has brought us

The word "brought" implies a leader. Many words can describe Zero, but "leader" isn't one of them. He is the little boy in the old "Twilight Zone" series to whom no one ever said "no". And if you crossed him, he "wished" you into the corn field (i.e. you existed no more). Cross Zero, and you'll be lucky if all that happens is you go down the ol' memory hole.

Yet Zero isn't a leader, and he hasn't brought us anywhere. Leaders (even bad ones) usually believe in something larger than themselves. All Zero believes in IS himself.

So it isn't how far he has brought us - rather, it's how far he had dropped us.

#4 RE: How far he has brought us by Frank Cannon 20.06.2014 13:35


He is a laughingstock all over the world now. Even the Leftists in this country are seriously become depressed that all their hope and change never happened.

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