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Cajun Navy springs into action to help FEMA efforts in Houston
By Robert Laurie —— Bio and Archives
August 28, 2017

In Houston, the rain continues to fall, the flood waters continue to rise, and thousands remain trapped with no viable exit routes available. Tens of thousands are either in, or are heading for, shelters and stranded citizens throughout the region are in desperate need of rescue. FEMA has mobilized its resources but acknowledges that it will take more than even their vast federal resources to get the job done.

As FEMA administrator William “Brock” Long put it, the agency needs citizens to be involved in the massive rescue and cleanup efforts:

As USA Today reports:

An informal network of good Samaritans with small watercraft is once again mobilizing — this time in the wake of unprecedented flooding in Houston.

Formed 12 years ago after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the so-called Cajun Navy, which has saved thousands of stranded people, by some estimates, is already helping rescue stranded Texans, one member said Sunday.

“There’s no telling how many are already over there,” said 39-year-old Joey Hains of Lafayette, La. “Basically everybody that’s wanting to go help out” is going or has already arrived, he said.

Hains said he planned to head to Houston, his boat in tow, at first light Monday.

“The reality of the Cajun Navy is everybody out here with a boat that isn’t devastated gets out and helps others,” Clyde Cain, who runs the Facebook page Louisiana Cajun Navy, told USA TODAY last August.

A ragtag group from the beginning, the Cajun Navy has long been nothing if not unstandardized: Guys with hunting boats, shallow draft duck hunting boats with mud motors, airboats, pirogues, kayaks. “You name it,” said member Timmy Toups. “Everybody was wide open, going at it.”

You may recall that, back in August of 2016, the Cajun Navy took to the waterlogged streets of New Orleans to perform a similar rescue operation. They were quick to respond to virtually anyone who needed their assistance. However, as I wrote at the time, that didn’t matter to a certain now-former President.

Barack Obama, upon hearing of the Cajun Navy’s efforts, immediately assumed they were a bunch of racist hillbillies. His administration issued a memo scolding them for their potential - though in reality non-existent - racism.

It read:

“Care must be taken to ensure that actions, both intentional and unintentional, do not exclude groups of people based on race, color, national origin (including limited English proficiency), religion, sex, or disability.”

“Those planning for Katrina appeared to assume most people could rely on personal vehicles to evacuate and failed to consider the transportation needs of all segments of the population.”

“Many seeking temporary housing immediately encountered discriminatory advertisements that explicitly refused to rent to African Americans.”

Fortunately, there wasn’t a single incident of “racist boat rescue” reported. Maybe that’s why President Trump has not issued such a warning this time. Or, maybe he’s simply not a jackass trying to gin up racial strife to influence an election.

Either way, the not-racist Cajun Navy is on the scene, saving lives, and puncturing the left’s “everyone in the south is a racist” narrative. If you’re in a position to help these guys out, or simply to offer them a little comfort amid what is unquestionably a monumental task, please do.

These are good people.


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Hillary staffer TRIGGERED by rescue boat in Houston with Confederate flag

Meet Logan Anderson, a former staffer for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. She’s been triggered by this boat with a Confederate flag on it rescuing people in Houston:

Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

Logan Anderson‏



Logan Anderson‏ @LoganD_Anderson · Aug 27

Replying to @LoganD_Anderson

(I would absolutely get on that boat, by the way. And then, when they dropped me off, I'd tear off the flag and drop it into the flood.)

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Good grief.

In an interview with Headline News, Cajun Navy representative Clyde Cain said that some of Hurricane Harvey’s victims have tried to steal the group’s boats in an effort to escape some of the more highly-flooded area.

“The people that are wanting to be rescued are trying to steal the boat,” Cain said.

Then, as anchor Carol Costello tried to ask a question, Cain matter-of-factly reported this:

“We’ve been shot at.”

Costello was stunned.

“What?!” She exclaimed.

“We have boats being shot at,” Cain said, elaborating. “Because if we’re not picking up everybody, we’re having to pull out for a minute.”


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For some that veneer of civilization is much thinner than for others

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