#1 Anti-Trump RINO Senator Just Got Some Career Ending News by Cincinnatus 20.08.2017 16:39


Flake the flake. How I hope that headline is accurate.

Arizona’s Jeff Flake has staked out ground as the biggest Trump hater in the Senate.

He’s made the rounds on cable news bashing the President with smears and left-wing lies.

Now he got news that his career is over.

Flake is facing a primary challenge in Arizona from former State Senator Dr. Kelli Ward.

Ward is a pro-Trump, America First conservative who ran a stronger than expected challenge against McCain in 2016.

She picked up a huge boost in her effort when Trump endorsed her challenge on twitter.

Flake recently went on a publicity tour to promote his new book – which is falsely titled “Conscience of a Conservative” – and bashed Trump as a toxic force in American politics.

And he took to social media to lie about Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville.

Flake also attacked Trump repeatedly during the campaign and conservatives accused him of working to elect Hillary Clinton.

That was the final straw for many conservatives.

Flake has earned a reputation as a liberal member of the Senate.

He voted to open debate on a national gun registration bill.

And he is most famous for championing amnesty.

But his poll numbers in Arizona have sunk to just an 18 percent approval rating.

A whopping 64 percent of Arizonians disapprove of Flake.

Trump backing Ward’s challenge could be the final nail in Flake’s coffin.

We will keep you updated on new developments in this race.


Next that pos Corker and then Ryan.

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