#1 Government Agency Scraps Employee Ratings To Avoid ‘Discrimination’ by Cincinnatus 27.05.2014 01:13


Your tax dollars at work.

One government agency has decided that the results of employee ratings are too discriminatory, and eliminated the process entirely. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced on Monday that it will now award all employees the highest rating regardless of performance reviews.

The CFPB, which oversees transactions in the financial sector for the federal government, decided to no longer conduct employee reviews because there were just too many apparent “significant disparities” between the races, ages, and locations of its employees.

According to American Banker, this new policy is set to cost over $5 million dollars, as it will now pay employees as if they received the highest evaluation score. The previous system ranked staff on their performance from a scale ranging from one to five, with five being the best score a CFPB staffer could receive after a review of their work on the job.


An award for everybody just for playing.

#2 RE: Government Agency Scraps Employee Ratings To Avoid ‘Discrimination’ by algernonpj 27.05.2014 10:01


When your leftist world view denies that different outcomes are the result of god given talent, hard work, culture, ethics, education .... then different outcomes must be the result of discrimination.

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