#1 A $40,000 BMW, $300 Armani sunglasses, flying first class and a private Katy Perry concert: Inside the privileged life of Hunger Games director's son before he became the 'virgin killer' by Cincinnatus 27.05.2014 00:54


The worthless little p....

Elliot Rodger often complained on his YouTube videos that his life wasn't fair. But, his own social media presence reveals that the son of Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger lived a life of privilege.

He posted several videos and pictures behind the wheel of his black BMW 328i, a luxury coupe with a starting price tag of nearly $40,000.

Rodger is believed to have killed six people in Santa Barbara on Friday night because he was frustrated that he was still a virgin at age 22.

But in 2012, he posted a YouTube video of his first class flight from London to Los Angeles. He flew Virgin Atlantic.

He posted pictures of a limo ride to Heathrow Airport, the meal he was served on his in-flight meal and even included a picture of his legs, lounging luxuriously in the roomy first class sleeper seat.

In London, according to his Facebook profile, he attended a private Katy Perry concert and was close enough to snap a photo of the 'California Girls' singer on his phone.

Rodger grew up in tony Woodland Hills, Los Angeles in a four bedroom, five bath home that is valued at just under $1million.


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