#1 Two Huge Guys Thought They Could Push Her Around… They Had No Idea Who They Were Dealing With by Cincinnatus 24.05.2014 02:19


A feel good story.

When Ronda Rousey went to a packed theater to see the film “Juno,” she had plans for a low-key evening. And when the group behind her talked throughout the movie, and the girl sitting behind her put her feet on Ronda’s chair, even nudging her head with her foot, she stayed calm, even asking the girl to stop.

But when the movie was over, Ronda had had enough. She took the girl’s boot off her foot and threw it. She told the girl to get some manners.

The guys in the group cornered Ronda in the theater and demanded she return the boot. When she didn’t, they push her against a wall. And that’s when the group found out they had been messing with the wrong woman.

Rousey is a mixed martial artist and judoka. She is the first and current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. She is the first American woman to earn an Olympic medal in Judo, which she obtained in Beijing.

Ronda did what judo had taught her and neutralized the guys’ size and number. She punched one of the guys in the face several times and flipped another guy over her shoulder. The rest of the audience had been so annoyed with the group, they applauded her. And when the guys realized they had just got their butts kicked, they went to the police and pressed charges – after they had started the fight. The police, understanding the situation, did not press charges against Ronda.

Moral of the story: just don’t mess with people! You never know who might end up kicking your butt!


Gotta admit ole Ronda ain't too hard on the eyes, either.

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