#1 The Upcoming War on Trump By The Globalist Technocratic Elite by algernonpj 04.06.2017 16:11


Actually the video is devoted to an explanation of Technocracy.

The Upcoming War on Trump By The Globalist Technocratic Elite
Charles Burris
8:21 am on June 3, 2017

The sad thing is that 99.9% of the general public who watch/read mainstream media have been conned and do not know that the Paris Climate Accords have nothing to do with the environment or global warming but are the phony pretext for a massive multi-trillion dollar carbon tax to fund the technocratic elitists scheme for a New World Order of global governance.

Because of President Trump’s unilateral withdrawal action regarding these Accords, the elitists will now declare unconditional war on Trump. These anti-democratic globalist technocrats will seek their revenge. Covert discussions along these lines are undoubtedly being undertaken during the Bilderberg Group meetings going on today at Chantilly, Virginia. Trump has seriously disrupted the timetable of the New Economic World Order put forth decades before by the Trilateral Commission and the UN.


“The C.F.R. is the American branch of a society which originated in England. Internationalistic in viewpoint, the C.F.R., along with the Atlantic Union Movement, and the Atlantic Council of the U.S., believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established … What the Trilaterals truly intend is the creation of a worldwide economic power superior to the political government of the nation-states involved. As managers and creators of the system they will rule the world … In my view, the Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power: political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical.” (With No Apologies, [1979], the auto-biography by Senator Barry Goldwater, pp. 128, 284).

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