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This is an interesting story and I put it to you: given his youth at the time of his crime and his life since he got released, should he be returned to prison to complete his sentence? Here's a description of his crime spree. To me it seems somewhat sanitized since he was originally sentenced to 98 years.

Lima-Marin and another man were convicted in 2000 on multiple robbery, kidnapping and burglary charges in connection with two violent robberies of Aurora video stores when Lima-Marin was 20. In one assault, the pair ordered employees into a back room at gunpoint and another worker to the floor as they demanded money from a safe.

That was then, this is now:

Lima-Marin, now 35, started selling coupon books door-to-door, and more recently became skilled at cutting and installing windows. He reconnected with his former girlfriend, Jasmine Lima-Marin, and they married in July in a ceremony that also celebrated his completion of five years of parole. He was active in church and helped coach soccer.

Lima-Marin helped Jasmine raise her 7-year-old son, Justus. Soon, they had another boy, Josiah, who is now 4. Lima-Marin was in prison for his birthday party.

"That was his life, raising his kids and being a husband," Jasmine said. "He definitely was not the same person that he was when he went in to prison."

Otoh: "He should go back because the law requires the sentence he received. This was a number of very serious criminal offenses, and anything less would be inappropriate," Orman said. "He should not be able to escape the minimum sentence due to a clerical error."

Good behavior outside prison is not a consideration in cases involving people released improperly due to human error.

And what about the victims of his crimes? They have to live with the consequences of his acts and for some that may be severe. What do they think?

Then, finally, the article seems overly sympathetic to Lima-Marin. Nonetheless, opinions?

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