#1 Report Uses Phrase ‘Climate Disruption’ As Another Way To Say Global Warming by algernonpj 07.05.2014 08:56


Climate Disruption sounds so much more dangerous than Climate Change or Global Warming. I wonder how long for the new buzz word for 'destroy the economy and first world standard of living' will take to catch on.

Also the report has been dumbed down so us simpletons can understand

Report Uses Phrase ‘Climate Disruption’ As Another Way To Say Global Warming
May 6, 2014 10:06 AM

WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) — Global warming is rapidly turning America the beautiful into America the stormy, sneezy and dangerous, according to a new federal scientific report. And those shining seas? Rising and costly, the report says.

Climate change’s assorted harms “are expected to become increasingly disruptive across the nation throughout this century and beyond,” the National Climate Assessment concluded Tuesday. The report emphasizes how warming and its all-too-wild weather are changing daily lives, even using the phrase “climate disruption” as another way of saying global warming.

Still, it’s not too late to prevent the worst of climate change, says the 840-page report, which the White House is highlighting as it tries to jump-start often stalled efforts to curb heat-trapping gases.


The report looks at regional and state-level effects of global warming, compared with recent reports from the United Nations that lumped all of North America together. A draft of the report was released in January 2013, but this version has been reviewed by more scientists, the National Academy of Science and 13 government agencies and had public comment. It is written in a bit more simple language so people could realize “that there’s a new source of risk in their lives,” said study lead author Gary Yohe of Wesleyan University in Connecticut.



#2 RE: Report Uses Phrase ‘Climate Disruption’ As Another Way To Say Global Warming by ThirstyMan 07.05.2014 12:48


A key word MISSING in this debate is the word "anthropomorphic". THAT is where the disagreements really occur. Almost any idiot can read a thermometer, well, I say almost any idiot because sometime these people know what's really happening even if the data doesn't quite prove it to be the so. In that case then falsifying the data is a civic duty. The data must reflect what they already know is happening.

If that all-important link to man's CO2 activity cannot be found then the word "anthropomorphic" cannot be used as the cause for climate changes. And then ALL bets are off for stemming any climate changes by revenue raising activity. The world government needs a uniting mantra to gain control where provincialism can only thwart its goals.

#3 RE: Report Uses Phrase ‘Climate Disruption’ As Another Way To Say Global Warming by Frank Cannon 07.05.2014 12:53


My favorite term in the report to avoid using Global Warming is "Hotty Cooliness". It's used fourteen times.

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