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“Domestic Terrorists” Celebrate At Bundy Ranch
April 19, 2014 1:30 PM
Kevin Wall

Las Vegas, Nev. (CBS LAS VEGAS) – Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy celebrated what many of his supporters called a “victory” in the ongoing battle with the Bureau of Land Management.

Bundy and his supporters from around the country gathered at the Bundy Ranch for a barbecue Friday night. People came from around the country to join Bundy’s family, neighbors, and ranch hands to enjoy music, inspirational speeches and plenty of “Bundy Barbecue”.

A number of those in attendance had weapons strapped to their waist in what is called “open carry” mode. Others admitted to be in a “concealed carry” mode.

Bundy continues to deny charges made Wednesday by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that he failed to pay his taxes. On Wednesday, Bundy told Kevin Wall of KXNT’s “Live and Local” that Reid is in error on the issue of taxes.

“He’s totally wrong. I pay taxes—and we’ve always paid taxes. I’ve paid taxes ever since I was in high school… As far as I know I’m up to date. I’m 100% with my taxes.”



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The far left have found their terrorists and they run a ranch in Nevada.
Gates of Vienna describes the situation:

A man named Harry Reid represents the state of Nevada in the United States Senate. As Senate Majority Leader, he also holds one of the most powerful political offices in Washington. His former top aide heads the Bureau of Land Management, which mounted an offensive operation against the Bundy ranch earlier this month using armed agents, armored vehicles, and snipers. His son Rory represents the Chinese energy company that plans to build a huge solar panel plant on public land in the Nevada desert, as soon as the last of those annoying cattle ranchers can be evicted from real estate controlled by the federal government. The only thing standing between the Reid dynasty and the realization of its lucrative dream is a single cattle ranch near the town of Bunkerville, plus an undetermined number of dedicated and well-armed patriots who have gathered to guard it for the past several weeks.

Senator Reid is understandably frustrated with the situation in Bunkerville. Several times over past week he has referred to Oath Keepers and other patriotic groups as “domestic terrorists”, and their actions as “domestic terrorism”.

The following graphic, borrowed from Sipsey Street Irregulars, highlights the capricious nomenclature employed the federal government when it talks about “terrorism”:

Read the rest here.http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/04/...t-nevada-ranch/

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Mr. Reid’s repeated use of the term “domestic terrorism” is deliberate, and has a specific purpose. As a member of the Legislative branch, he is prepping the battlespace for the Executive by describing the events in his state using those words. What we may expect next is that the Executive will also invoke “domestic terrorism” concerning ongoing events in Nevada. When that occurs, it will activate provisions of the Patriot Act that permit the suspension of certain constitutional rights for those citizens so designated.

Which is what those patriots gathered in the Nevada desert this weekend predicted when the Patriot Act was first passed — by a Republican administration, mind you, with overwhelming support from a Republican Congress. Osama Bin Laden and the Great Jihad were incidental to the purpose of the Act, which was to ensure that the federal government could crack down on armed domestic dissent whenever it became necessary.

The liberty-minded people who have gathered near Bunkerville to guard the Bundy ranch do not believe the current stalemate will end well. The federal government is unlikely to slink away from the scene, never to return. Its invincible power must be seen to be irresistible, pour encourager les autres.

I can't thank GW enough for E.O. Executive Order 13228 of October 8, 2001 Establishing the Office of Homeland Security and the Homeland Security Council.

Ever wnder how such sweeping changes were ready in an EO only one month after 9-11 !

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