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Taking a cue from
Michelle Obama loved fashion, and fashion loved her back

here's a trash wallow:

January 16, 2017
Which of Michelle's Obama's dresses was most cringe-worthy?

By Ed Straker

Michelle Obama's choice of clothes has had an enormous impact on American and the world, the New York Times tells us.

Consider that for five and a half years there was a blog chronicling Mrs. Obama’s wardrobe choices, arguably the first devoted to the clothes of a political figure, and that when Mr. Obama wore a tan suit to a news conference it practically broke the internet (ditto when he eschewed a tie). Consider that Mrs. Obama’s effect on fashion brands was the subject of a study by a New York University professor in the Harvard Business Review entitled “How This First Lady Moves Markets.”

Especially in her husband’s second term, Mrs. Obama used her leverage and visibility not only to raise the profile of a host of local designers (the biggest struggle for a young designer, Mr. Wu said, is attention; she solved that), but also as argument against isolationism and in support of allies across the world. It was not happenstance that she wore a Gucci gown to the Kennedy Center Honors the same day Italy went to the polls to vote on a referendum widely viewed as a verdict on Matteo Renzi, the country’s now former reformist prime minister.

He lost that referendum. Do you think Mrs. Obama picked the wrong dress?



Questions for discussion:

1) Which do you think was Mrs. Obama's worst outfit?

2) Mrs. Obama wore expensive clothes. She didn't find a cure for cancer, beat ISIS, or balance the budget or secure the border. Yet she is being treated like a great hero. With Mrs. Obama gone, whom will the media have left to worship?


#2 RE: Which of Michelle's Obama's dresses was most cringe-worthy by Cincinnatus 16.01.2017 19:57


Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

This one has always been my favorite Michelle look. I believe it was a creation of noted fashion designer Aunt Jemima. And, of course, on our soon to be former FLOTUS it looks divine,

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