#1 RUMOR: Megyn Kelly leaving Fox News? by Rufus T Firefly 02.12.2016 08:52


I have no idea whether this is true or credible. But Drudge is reporting it and he has a huge readership.

On the one hand Kelly has a huge platform as a prime time host on a big news network with great ratings. Why would she leave that, especially with BillO near retirement?

On the other hand, she may feel like Fox News’ reputation has been sullied over the sexual harassment of Roger Ailes. She may also feel less at home after this past election where there seemed to be public spats with Hannity and BillO.

And we know that she’s quite ambitious. Some are even reporting that she’s become an unlikely feminist icon and perhaps she feels she wants to capitalize on this newfound fame?

Or maybe this is all to do about contract negotiations. Remember this?

The Journal reported that sources say in talks over a potential new contract with Fox News, Kelly is asking for “north of $20 million” a year, which would put her on level with Bill O’Reilly, the current ratings leader at the cable-news channel. Kelly is second in ratings at the channel.

Kelly is set to make $15 million at the end of her current contract, which expires next year.

Rupert Murdoch, Fox News’ chief executive, has made it clear he would like to keep Kelly, but “it’s up to her.” He says money isn’t an issue, according to the Journal.

Could it be she’s simply trying to get more money?

I guess it’s plausible that she may want to leave or could be using this to jack up her price. Her contract expires next year so we’ll find out soon enough what’s really going on here.


#2 RE: RUMOR: Megyn Kelly leaving Fox News? by PzLdr 02.12.2016 09:36


No big loss. Feminazi in Fox's clothes.

#3 RE: RUMOR: Megyn Kelly leaving Fox News? by Rufus T Firefly 02.12.2016 10:01


All this brouhaha about Megyn Kelly reminds me of when Johnny Carson retired from the "Tonight Show". Remember it was supposed to be David Letterman who replaced him; but it ended up being Jay Leno.

Letterman was obviously a lib; Leno was more coy about his politics (it always seemed to me he cracked jokes about everyone, regardless of their politics)

So anyway, Leno got the gig on NBC, and Letterman (the darling of the wine and cheese crowd) went to CBS - where they created a late-night vehicle just for him. It was assumed he would trash Leno and the Tonight Show in the ratings.

Well, it didn't quite work out that way. Over the years their shows competed, I'm pretty sure Leno kicked Letterman's butt on a regular basis.

I think the same thing will happen here. I see Kelly going to CNN and getting an 8pm slot to compete with BOR. The libs will be wetting their pants in anticipation of 1 - besting the hated Bill O'Reilly, and 2) beating the evil Fox News.

When she tanks in the ratings instead, it shall be fun to watch.

EDIT: BTW, where is everyone? Christmas shopping?

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