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Those were precious! and this one is on my favorite list!

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We can call this our Gloating Thread!

It's rather enjoyable to look back and see the Trump-scoffing prognosticators making their haughty predictions of a Trump tanking

And what a face on which to apply the egg! TM

July 8, 2015, By Steven F. Hayward

Everyone greeted Donald Trump's entry into the presidential contest as a joke. He receives near-universal scorn from the Republican establishment, conservative thought leaders and the media. No one has a kind word for him. No one, that is, except voters. Polls show him surging in New Hampshire, and it seems likely he will make the cut for the first GOP presidential debates, while more accomplished candidates such as Govs. Bobby Jindal and Chris Christie may not.

Pundits scratch their heads over Trump's early success — the "Trump bump" — but the only surprise is that everyone is surprised. This script ought to be familiar by now, including its ending: He won't make it.


The brazen outsider never succeeds because ultimately the "median voter" beloved of political scientists actually prefers blandness to candor. The outspokenness that sends candidates like Trump aloft eventually costs more votes than it gains, as the accumulation of mistakes and controversies take a toll.

This is not to say that a person of strong views can't get elected; they merely need to have considerable political skill. Ronald Reagan and Obama both knew how to navigate a campaign. Trump does not. He'll be gone by Thanksgiving. [Thanksgiving 2015 that is!!! ha ha ha! TM]


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