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From the talking heads who seem unwilling or unable to accept that they were wrong,

Trump Won, and the Liberal Media LOST THEIR MINDS
Brittany M. Hughes | 18 hours ago

The front page of the left-leaning Huffington Post didn’t shy away from what its publishers thought about Tuesday’s election. Stark, bold letters emblazoned on HuffPo's homepage screamed, “Mourning in America: NIGHTMARE: Prez Trump... America Elected A Man Who Said ‘Grab Them By The Pu**y’ Over The First Female President... Party Ends In Tears...”

Poor HuffPo seemed downright stunned that any voter would choose Trump over Clinton and her “history-making story arc.”

HuffPo was just one of a slew of liberal media outlets losing their minds over Republican presidential nominee – and now President-elect—Donald Trump’s victory over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night in an upset that shocked many liberal and conservative pundits alike.

An incredulous Slate immediately blamed rampant white racism for Trump’s win, front-lining a story that entitled, “White Won: Trump promised an insurgent white supremacy, and white voters embraced it.”

Salon’s meltdown featured a front-page article called “A Nation Gone Wrong,” claiming that Trump’s victory comes as “a global wave of rage hits America,” and grappling with deep questions like “how the hell this happened.”

Picking its own jaw up off the floor, The Daily Beast immediately promised to “Stand Up To President Trump” in the coming years, seemingly unaware that half the country voted the man into office.

Jezebel complained in its own editorial that "The United States has elected Donald Trump, a 70-year-old tangerine Superfund site and a menace to the peace, stability, and dignity of the country and the future of the free world, as its Commander in Chief."

Over at Mother Jones, writers seemed flabbergasted that anyone would vote for a man over a woman and deny females a chance to make history, touting an editorial entitled “Hate Trumps History: A Reality TV Star Wins the White House in a Broken America.”

Devastated liberal “journalists” over at MSNBC tried to keep it fairly neutral, simply reporting on their homepage, “Trump Wins Presidency in Stunning Upset.” We’re willing to bet the piece wasn’t co-written by the outlet's über-liberal pundit Chris Matthews, who was barely holding it together Tuesday night as he watched Hillary Clinton’s chances at victory circle the drain.

Regardless of whether you backed Trump or how you feel about his victory Tuesday night, one thing’s undeniable – watching arrogant liberal media outlets have such an epic meltdown is just plain hysterical.


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I guess they're never going to stop with their propaganda, are they?

Well we just have to counter it with the truth!!! Here's a breakdown of the vote by race:

Trump Did BETTER Than Romney Among Hispanics, And Blacks

"Intriguingly, despite expectations that his path to victory depended on supercharging white turnout, Trump did not outperform Romney among white voters. He received just 58 percent of the white vote, a small drop from Romney’s 59 percent. Clinton, though, dropped further, winning just 37 percent of whites compared to Obama’s 39 percent."

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/11/09/trump-.../#ixzz4PYiHgEXY

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Here's another one circulating tonight's web. Forces are there to keep them uninformed and falsely informed!!!

‘Shoot The B*tch!’ ‘Hang The N*gger!’: Unfiltered Rally Videos Show Trump’s America
By Ron Delancer


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A reminder of what we've put up with for the last 18 months:


And then going waaaay back:

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