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Can You Feel the Fear in DC? Now Let’s Increase It.
Kurt Schlichter | Oct 07, 2013

What if they gave a shutdown and no one cared? The only people terrified, horrified and mortified by the so-called “government shutdown” seem to be hack politicians and whiny little trolls writing in the Beltway-Manhattan pinkosphere.
D.C. is scared, and that’s good. It’s about time that the regulatory Boomtown felt the same boom lowered upon it as its tyranny has lowered upon the rest of the country.

I wish I could say that the Republicans were completely united because they know that we need to turn this Titanic around before it slams into another iceberg and defeat the guy on the bow shouting “I’m the King of the World!” But, sadly, too many so-called “conservatives” are afraid they won’t get to keep enjoying the luxury cabins they think they’ve earned.

Let’s extend the metaphor – real conservatives want to replace the bloated cruise liner that is the federal government with a sleek, heavily-armed destroyer. We want the Gophers, Isaacs and Julies of the Beltway bureaucracy to leave the Unloved Boat for jobs in the private sector. And, after the last five years, we would prefer a President Stubing.

The closed-door Senate GOP piranha feeding frenzy against Ted Cruz and Mike Lee was indicative. Their sin was, of course, actually doing what they promised their constituents they would do and fighting for conservative principles. This scandalized the go-along, get-along gang in the World’s Lamest Deliberative Body – Cruz and Lee made the frauds look even more fraudulent than usual.

The Establishment is lashing out in fear, and its mainstream media lackeys are frothing at the mouth. To the extent one could ever tell apart the soul-crushingly dull, rote-writing, utterly predictable, droning liberals voices from on high like E.J. Dionne, Charles Blow, Eugene Robinson, Ezra Klein, Paul Krugman, Jonathan Chait, and Matty Yglesias, you sure can’t now. They are unanimous; the GOP is “insane,” “crazy” and generally nuts. Why, it’s almost as if there is some kind of “journalist list” though which leftist strategists distribute coordinated talking points.

Thomas Friedman alone stands out from the crowd, and that’s only because he’s too goofy to realize that his eager embrace of one-party rule is way too obvious. Didn’t anyone tell him to never, ever go full fascist?

This is all the result of fear, fear on the part of our opponents that their carefully constructed, comfortable little world if going to come tumbling down. So now we need to give them even more reason to be afraid.

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