#1 The Pentagon is demanding soldiers pay back huge cash bonuses that were given out by mistake by Cincinnatus 25.10.2016 12:44


The Pentagon is forcing nearly 10,000 soldiers who were paid juicy cash bonuses to reenlist into the California National Guard to pay the bonuses back, after an audit found they were given out by mistake.

The Los Angeles Times spoke with a number of soldiers affected by the error — which was made by Guard officials, not the soldiers themselves — who are struggling to repay debts of $15,000 or more and have little recourse, since protesting or failing to pay will result in interest and penalty charges, along with calls from debt collectors.

"These bonuses were used to keep people in," former Capt. Christopher Van Meter, who says he refinanced his home mortgage to repay $25,000 in reenlistment bonuses and $21,000 in student loan repayments, told The Times. "People like me just got screwed."

It seems that until the Times story broke, soldiers were repaying these debts under the radar. If they wanted to appeal, they were forced into a Kafkaesque bureaucracy involving the Treasury Department, California National Guard, the National Guard Bureau, and the DoD.

That still is the case, at least for now.


I think they should pay it back. Obama needs the money so he can provide welfare benefits to his favored Muslim refugees.

#2 RE: The Pentagon is demanding soldiers pay back huge cash bonuses that were given out by mistake by truthkeeper 25.10.2016 19:41


As if this wasn't gross enough, I stumbled across MSNBC this morning and they're bagging all over Trump because "He said he would do something about this!"

If the sheeple allow the government to get away with this abomination, plus vote in Crooked, I swear I am just checking out completely.

In fact I am probably 85% there already...

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