#1 New LAPD Shooting Policy by Cincinnatus 09.09.2016 18:59


I am not sure if this is true or not. It certainly sounds as if it might be.

When confronted by a person with a gun you SHALL
do the following:

1. Face the person with the gun.

2. Direct your body camera at the person. Stand very still.

3. Try to have your camera capture the person shooting at you.

4. Do not duck or turn away or the camera will not get the best shot.

5. After the suspect fires several shots at you, shout DROP THE GUN!
several times as loud as you can.

Use every nonlethal tool available before drawing your gun.
Start with Pepper Spray, then go to your Tazer.
Work your way up the Force Ladder, always pausing to allow
enough time for the suspect to surrender before taking the next step.
If that doesn't work, throw your baton at him.
As a last resort, try to shoot the gun out of his hand.
If the suspect doesn’t stop shooting and apologize you may try
a well-placed non-fatal shot to the leg.

Should your shot accidentally kill the person there is a problem.

6. If you are still alive at this point call your attorney.
Call your bank and refinance your home to pay the fees.

7. Keep in mind that you will never be promoted.
You will be investigated by the attorney general, the FBI,
local district attorney’s office and The Civil Rights Division
of the Federal Government and other tax supported people.
The ACLU, NAACP, BLM, the press, Sharpton and the very
Reverend Jackson will comment and say you are a very bad
person and all police need retraining.

8. Do not expect an invitation to the White House for a beer.

9. If allowed to remain on the job during the minimum two year
investigation you will be assigned to a desk or cleaning the
restrooms at the station.

10. While waiting for trial, be sure to respond slowly to calls
for help and assistance, back off at the first sign of trouble,
do not stop obvious gang members or any minority person
(all persons are a minority in this country), do not initiate
any action on your own, pretend that you are blind if
necessary, never remove your gun from the holster and
always be very nice to those under the age of 18 no
matter what physical threat or verbal abuse you may be
subject to.

11. Remember, everything will be released to the press.
You will receive hate mail at your home and for the safety
of your family you must move them (preferably out of state)
pending your trial.

12. If fired, consider becoming transgendered and registering
as a Democrat.

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