#1 FBI: Clinton dozens of times couldn't recall info, events related to server, classified emails by ThirstyMan 06.09.2016 00:49


September 03, 2016

Hillary Clinton said roughly three dozen times that she couldn’t “recall” specific details or events -- including training sessions on handling classified information -- when FBI officials questioned her extensively about using a private email server while secretary of state, according to official documents released Friday.

The newly-released documents did not reveal significant, new information about the federal government’s probe into the issue, but they created more distractions for Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, and her campaign as voters continue to question her trustworthiness.

Clinton, who was secretary of state from 2009 to 2013, said she could not recall specific emails. But she also said that she could not recall the details of briefings on how to handle classified information.

“Clinton recalled being briefed on Specific Access Program information (for classified material.) But could not recall any specific briefings on how to handle information associated with the SAPs,” the FBI said in the documents.

In another entry, the FBI addresses the issue of Clinton using her BlackBerry after being advised about the risks of using her personal one.



#2 RE: FBI: Clinton dozens of times couldn't recall info, events related to server, classified emails by ThirstyMan 06.09.2016 00:53


Parallel Story....

EXCLUSIVE – Kathleen Willey: I Overheard White House Staff Teaching Hillary Her Trademark ‘I Don’t Recall’ Defense
by AARON KLEIN, 5 Sep 2016

Kathleen Willey, a White House aide during the Clinton administration, stated during a radio interview on Sunday night that she personally heard the White House Counsel advise Hillary Clinton twenty-two years ago to tell government investigators she could not recall events related to numerous scandals that were being probed at the time.
Willey in 1993 served as a volunteer aid working in the White House mail room and later in the social office. In early 1994, she took a paid position in the White House counsel’s office, and it is there, she says, that she overheard the directive to Hillary.

Willey, of course, would later become ensnared in the Paula Jones lawsuit at the Monica Lewinsky fiasco after Willey famously accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault.



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