#1 The Convention 7/28/16 by ThirstyMan 28.07.2016 22:25


OK, I just came home and turned on the DNC coverage. Yes I'm a glutton for punishment.

I just heard Obama describe Hillary's laugh as loud and infectious. I thought it would be entertaining to post a compilation of her laughs to see if the President was once more correct....

you tell me....

#2 RE: The Convention 7/28/16 by truthkeeper 28.07.2016 23:36


Cannot do it tonight. Just CANNOT.

Looks like you'll have to take one for the team, TM.

#3 RE: The Convention 7/28/16 by ThirstyMan 29.07.2016 05:12


Well TK, I watched for 15 minutes or so. I couldn't forge on, not even for the team. sorry. The headwinds were just too strong and I was getting so tired of hearing those oh-so-touching lessons she'd learned from her mother and her father and from the 9/11 responders and from people all over the Country who had sacrificed.

The implication was supposed to be that Hillary was one of them. I personally thought she had used public service to ingratiate herself as well as anyone. If she was greatly affected by other people's sacrifice, I wasn't buying it. No, I wasn't able to afford that line of crap. I had to turn it off.

Congrats to her for being the first woman nominated for President.

It's a shame that merit was wasted on someone amoral like her, who has to coddle up to people of great sacrifice because she cannot exude her own emotions of caring and putting others first.

I had to wonder if that lady speaking was the same lady who this article was written about...


It couldn't be. The lady in that article has a similar name but that Hillary Clinton enjoys being treated like a mean, angry queen.

#4 RE: The Convention 7/28/16 by truthkeeper 29.07.2016 08:05


Saw a few clips of Evita Clinton last night, what I could stomach.

CRAZY eyes on this woman, like they would pop out of her head. Looked like a psycho.

I totally believe her Secret Service staff. I wouldn't want to cross her path, that's for sure.

#5 RE: The Convention 7/28/16 by Cincinnatus 29.07.2016 13:12


I missed most of the Convention last night as I was out (at a political meeting, of course), and only caught the last portion of Hilliary's speech. I meant to watch the entire thing because I have some sins to pay for, but what the heck; I can make up for it during the coming campaign, I am sure. In any case I cannot offer an informed opinion on The Speech, though my greater interest lay in seeing how the Libs reacted to it in comparison to the fantastic, earth shaking, historical, never equaled speeches of Obama and Michelle (who really deserves a vacation with lots of foreign travel to any countries she has yet to visit on our dime.) (Are there any?) (Antarctica, here I come with mom, the kids, and an entourage of thousands?)

So that's my report on The Speech. Informative, huh?

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