#1 This Coffee Mug Could Actually Help You Cut Down On Coffee! by Cincinnatus 29.06.2016 21:30


Ever think you drink too much coffee and want to cut down? Does caffeine affect your blood pressure a little too much? Does the acid in coffee upset your stomach?

If you suffer from one of the above problems, but you just can’t quit drinking coffee, there just may be an answer for you.

Maclinstudio.com Design Collection has just introduced a new product that could help. That’s right – for only $13.95, plus taxes and shipping, you can have your very own coffee mug with a picture of Debbie Wasserman Schultz on it!

Imagine waking up to Debbie Wasserman Shultz every morning. Turn it a little and there is Harry Reid. Further around are Bill and Hillary Clinton, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Nancy Pelosi.

Still feel like drinking coffee?

If you can continue looking at it by this time you will see Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer. And if that’s not enough – round it out with a picture of Eleanor Roosevelt!

Maclinstudio says this cup has the “left-wing heroes” on it. If so, they left out a few



So I'm thinking this cup could fill a real need. Suppose you wanted to induce vomiting...

#2 RE: This Coffee Mug Could Actually Help You Cut Down On Coffee! by PzLdr 29.06.2016 22:57


Big enough to hold a rather large digestive tract full of vomit?

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