#1 recent McCain letter to my Inbox by ThirstyMan 12.03.2014 10:15


"My friend, what we're seeing across the world, particularly with the situation with Russia, is the ultimate result of Obama's reckless and feckless foreign policy."

He concludes with..."That's why we must elect more Republicans to the Senate who will fight for freedom and will promote peace throughout the world."

and asks me to send the GOP some money "..to take back the Senate in 2014."

Mr. McCain, I did not like it when you ran for President and called everyone your "friend". It was a lie then and it is a lie today. Wake up! America is in a battle for its soul and you failed the American people with your attempt to win the presidency by being Mr. Niceguy using that "feckless and reckless" Rodney King-like "My friends" shtick.

And last year you violated the 11th Commandment on the Senate floor quite badly.

I will give my money selectively to accomplish a better America and it won't be through the GOP.

from the enemy's camp over at MSNBC...

I like the TEA people who Mitch said he wants to crush!

#2 RE: recent McCain letter to my Inbox by algernonpj 12.03.2014 12:30


I'm not sure which I loathe more: folks or my friends.

#3 RE: recent McCain letter to my Inbox by Frank Cannon 12.03.2014 12:32


That's better mail than I get. Some wise acre (My right wing sister or accountant) signed me up for every radical Left organization and politicians email lists. I usually get stuff from Joe Biteme telling me that I am going to kill children, old people and hang a minority and to stop it I should send him money.

I usually send them $5 to make sure I don't do any of those things.

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