#1 Paradise Stolen – Episode 5 – Why We Are Poor by algernonpj 06.06.2016 16:25


I found this great dvideo on the oathkeepers home page whose link was posted by cincy at:
Oath Keepers: The twelve final candidates for the 'KARL MARX AWARD,' also known as the Dirty Dozen

Paradise Stolen – Episode 5 – Why We Are Poor
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by Shorty Dawkins , June 2, 2016

I found this video, by Stefan Verstappen, that, in simple terms, explains why we are poor, and struggle to feed, clothe and house our families. We are tax slaves. Economic serfdom has been imposed on us by the Powers That Be (PTB). We are led to believe, by the media, our politicians and globalist moguls, that we are to blame for our economic serfdom, when it is the PTB that have carefully crafted a system (for the benefit of all, of course) that keeps us in slavery for the benefit of the few. We have been brainwashed and manipulated into not just cooperating with this economic slavery, but for many, it is the New Utopia, and they scream for more egalitarianism, even as the boot upon our necks is sucking the lives out of us. If a slave doesn’t realize he/she is a slave, are they really slaves? Does it matter if we work our lives to support our own slavery, if we can choose from hundreds of TV channels? When is enough enough? – Shorty Dawkins


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