#1 Oath Keepers: The twelve final candidates for the 'KARL MARX AWARD,' also known as the Dirty Dozen by Cincinnatus 05.06.2016 22:09


If you do not know who the Oath Keepers are, go here: https://www.oathkeepers.org/

In 6 days this organization will be holding its awards dinner in Albany, NY. Part of the festivities will include awarding the American politician or political activist who, ...who by his or her actions has done more to destroy the unalienable rights of the people, divide the country or a state by class and race, to destroy the constitutional limits on government as outlined in the U.S. Constitution, while at the same time implementing many of tenets of the 'Communist Manifesto,' as written by Karl Marx and Frederich Engels, into our Republic.

The finalist include:

George 'Darth Vader' Soros - Billionaire Marxist and Nazi collaborator

Andrew Cuomo - Governor of New York - originator of the NY SAFE Act

Mark Potok - Southern Poverty Law Center

Jerry Brown - Socialist Governor of California - a Sanctuary State for Illegal Aliens

Barack Obama - President of the United States (LAST YEAR'S WINNER)

Bill deBlasio - New York City's First Anti-Police Mayor

Hillary Clinton - former US Senator and Secretary of State

Luis Gutierrez - U.S. Representative - Marxist/Socialist Immigration Puppet

Chuck Schumer - U.S. Senator from New York - leader of anti-Second Amendment movement in Congress

Bernie Sanders - U.S. Senator from Vermont and an avowed Socialist

Michael Moore - Filmmaker, activist

Michael Bloomberg - Billionaire and former Mayor of NYC

Quite a politician's Rogue's Gallery wouldn't you say? In any case, the winner will be announced at the ceremony.

Incidentally, the choice of Albany, capital of the state of NY, is no accident. The New York Oath Keepers have been designated by the New York State Intelligence Center as a "right wing extremist group" simply for standing up for the constitutional rights of their fellow citizens. Now that is a real honor.

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