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'Common sense' goes out the window when progressives eye a chance to spend other people's money and enrich cronies.

Democrats blocking 'common sense' fix for Zika
Congressman: They're refusing 'safe' and 'effective' solution that kills mosquito carrying virus

Democrats are insisting that Congress give President Obama every penny he’s asking for to effectively combat the Zika virus in the United States, congressional Republicans are pushing less costly legislation and a veterinarian-turned-congressman says education and common sense will do a lot more to protect women and children than more government spending.

Even more, Democrats are being accused of instinctively pursuing higher spending and impeding an effective response due to their loyalties to the environmental lobby.

Since the Zika threat emerged earlier this year, President Obama has asked for Congress to approve $1.9 billion in spending to assure an effective federal response. The GOP-controlled Senate approved a $1.1 billion package, while the House passed $622 million.

The House total is on top of another half-billion dollars moved around to address Zika.

“The White House, typically, wants to throw money at the situation as a knee-jerk reaction. We’ve already redirected over $500 million earlier this year. That wasn’t new spending. It was redirecting money,” said Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla., who worked for many years as a veterinarian before coming to Congress.

“Then we passed another bill of around $600 million as you pointed out,” he told WND and Radio America. “That’s not new money. That’s money coming out of the Ebola account. They have over a billion dollars left in that account.”

Congressional Democrats are unsatisfied, with some insisting they will oppose any amount of money short of what Obama is requesting.

“I would not support inadequate funding to deal with the health-care catastrophe that could develop if we do not tackle the Zika virus in the right way,” said Rep. Xavier Becerra, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, to reporters.

House Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., also rejects the lower amounts being offered by Republicans.

“They said it’s half a loaf. No, it’s half a shoe. You cannot get to where you need to be with half a shoe,” she said in comments recorded by the Hill.

Yoho said Democrats are locked into a number instead of what will actually reduce the Zika threat.

“To get into an argument of, ‘The president wants to spend more money so that’s right,’ versus just doing a controlled response to this, I think, would be the more prudent thing to do, and I think you’ll get as good if not better results,” Yoho said.

“Throwing money is not the solution. What you have to do is look at vector control, which would be the mosquito and do the proper type of sprayings at the right time of year, have mosquito repellents that are safe and non-toxic for pregnant mothers, and just use the common-sense approaches they we do in any kind of an outbreak.”


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The answer has 3 letters: DDT. Rachel Carson's killed more people than Mao Tze Dung.

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