#1 Nobel Peace Prize-Winning Obama Has Been At War LONGER THAN ANY OTHER American President by Cincinnatus 17.05.2016 17:18


This month, President Barack Obama officially became the U.S. president to have been at war the longest — longer than Lyndon Johnson, longer than Abraham Lincoln and certainly longer than George W. Bush.

Obama acquired the highly dubious honor on May 6, observes The New York Times.

He’s not done yet, either. Far from it! With eight months left to go in his presidency, and with America’s military fighting in several places far-flung, Obama is virtually certain to be the only U.S. president to spend a full eight years presiding over combat.

The Times describes Obama’s status as America’s biggest warmonger president as “an improbable legacy” because he ran as an anti-war candidate back in 2008 and promised to end the wars Bush started after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. (RELATED: Remember When Obama Was The Messiah?) [link]

Obama has approved military action in seven countries in his seven full years as America’s 44th president. There’s Iraq and Afghanistan, of course. There’s also Libya, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. Just recently, Obama announced that he will commit 250 Special Forces troops to war-torn Syria.


I wonder if the ditzes who voted for him are aware of this and what they think of it.

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