#1 Brooklyn Debate Takeaways: Sarcasm, Snideness and Smackdowns by Cincinnatus 15.04.2016 14:50


Did anyone else watch his debate last night? If you didn't you missed an entertaining show. Clinton and Sanders really went at it, talking over one another, accusing one another of this and that, at points completely ignoring the moderators who kept trying to interrupt their back and forths and ask some questions. It was quite a show. My only complaint is that it went on to long by about a 1/2 hour or so.

In any case here is one report that outlines how one reporter saw it.


#2 RE: Brooklyn Debate Takeaways: Sarcasm, Snideness and Smackdowns by ThirstyMan 15.04.2016 19:52


I saw parts of it. But honestly, it's hard to watch that much of Shrillary bragging on herself.

Sanders certainly did take off his gloves on her. And he landed some hard blows, especially on her taking money from the big banks that she was saying she would stand up to. Sanders even mocked her at this point. He should have mentioned that she decided against releasing the transcripts of her speeches, but he didn't.

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