#1 Madalyn Murray O'Hair's Son: We ‘Sacrifice Babies to Moloch Today' and 'Call It Family Planning' by Cincinnatus 06.04.2016 02:04


The propaganda as to what you’re allowed to do and what is religious freedom and what isn’t religious freedom, and what society deems as being proper and right” is deliberately obfuscated, said Murray, who broke from his mother’s militant atheism, became a born again Christian in 1980, and now runs the Religious Freedom Coalition.

"There was a period in Israel after King David, where making sacrifices of infants and burying them at your doorstep in order to bring good financial luck to the family was an acceptable thing to do,” said Murray.

“I mean, there were actually some people worshiping Moloch,” he said. “Just because society is doing it or society is approving it doesn't make it right."

"By the way, we still sacrifice babies to Moloch today for the financial good of the family,” said Murray. “We call it family planning and say, 'Well, if we abort this baby, the family will be better financially, so it's okay.'”

“It really is the same thing as the sacrifices that were done to Moloch several thousand years ago,” said Murray, the author of several books, including My Life Without God, the Church is Not For Perfect People, and Utopian Road to Hell.


Years ago I read Mr Murray's moving autobiography My Life Without God. His mother was truly a piece of work. If you have never read it, I encourage you to do so.

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