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Trump: The national-sovereignty candidate
'Slow creep of globalism overpowering our Constitution'

There’s just something about Donald Trump. The billionaire GOP presidential candidate electrifies Middle America while sending the insider classes into a frenzied panic.

What is it that makes Trump the most polarizing American political figure in recent memory? Apparently national sovereignty is still popular with the masses, according to award-winning journalist Cheryl Chumley.

“Republicans and Democrats both in recent years have been moving toward this system of government that looks more at the global view than the sovereign view,” Chumley said in a recent interview on Chuck Morse’s radio show. “This is unprecedented in American history. This has been a slow creep of globalism overpowering our Constitution and our democratic republic, and now here comes Trump saying, ‘No, we need to reverse this. We need to make America first. We need to put America at the forefront of all things worldly now.'”

Chumley, a WND staff writer and author of the brand new book, “The Devil in DC: Winning Back the Country from the Beast in Washington,” confessed she’s unsure whether Trump can fulfill all his campaign promises, but she finds it refreshing to hear a candidate talk about America being the greatest country in the world.

Morse, who authored the book “The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism,” opined Trump is driving the establishment crazy by pushing a “pretty strenuous nationalism” that confronts the many internationalists who wish to create a North American Union, a “New World Order,” or some other system of supranational governance.

“Dare I suggest he actually sounds like an old-fashioned American?” Morse asked. “He is standing up for an old-fashioned concept, not just for this country, but I would contend for all sovereign nations, and that is the value of national sovereignty.”

Morse asserted national sovereignty is worth defending not because it’s traditional, but because it’s the most desirable future of mankind.

“Do we want to control our own fortunes?” he asked. “Do we want to control our own lives? Do we believe in limited democratic government where we have a say? Or do we want to turn it over to some kind of a faceless international entity?”

Alas, many Democrats and Republicans do think nation-states should be subordinated to an international governing body, and many Republicans can’t stand to see a strong nationalist like Trump on the cusp of the GOP nomination for president. Chumley pointed out influential Republicans, conservatives and business leaders have held two closed-door meetings in recent weeks, one at Sea Island, Georgia, and one in D.C., at which they plotted ways to stop Trump from winning the presidency.

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