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Analysis from a Cruz supporter who like @Cincinnatus is friendly to Trump supporters.

The coming Trump landslide
Exclusive: Joseph Farah sees Reagan-like sweep should Donald face Hillary
Published: 23 hours ago

Republican insiders say he canít win.

Donald Trump cannot beat Hillary Clinton, they insist.

Heís also dangerous, they say. He is ďdivisive.Ē He is alienating U.S. allies and encouraging U.S. enemies, the naysayers claim.

Thatís why he must be stopped at all costs.

May I, as a Ted Cruz supporter, just step in here for a minute and explain why Donald Trump, as Republican nominee for president, will win a landslide election victory over Hillary and actually be a welcome alternative to the kind of leadership America has experienced for the last 27 years?

I donít care what the national polls say now about a matchup between Trump and Clinton. I am old enough to remember vividly what the polls between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter looked like in 1980 at this point in the presidential campaign. They suggested Reagan had no chance to win. He trailed Carter in the polls by double digits. He went on to carry 44 states that year, including New York and California Ė 49 states four years later.

That is very close to what I expect Trump to do to Hillary if he becomes the nominee.

Why do I think that?

Itís mostly based on how I see people I know reacting to Trump Ė friends, relatives, acquaintances. Yes, some fear him. Some loathe him. Some think heís a joke. But thatís a very tiny minority. Overwhelmingly, what I see are people who canít wait to pull the lever for him. Theyíre excited Ė Republicans, independents, Democrats, people who voted for Barack Obama twice, non-political people, tea party folks, Americans who are fed up with Washington dictating to them.

This isnít something new. Iíve written about it before. Itís widespread. Itís not based on the kind of small samplings most of the national pollsters use. Itís now based on thousands of people I know and hear from in my position at WND, where I get thousands of emails every day. And, keep in mind, these people know theyíre writing to someone who has endorsed Ted Cruz. Theyíre not telling me what I want to hear.

Iíve also been courted by Republicans who want me to enlist in efforts to thwart Trump at any cost.

Itís inconceivable for me.

While I think Trump will be somewhat unpredictable should he become president, I donít understand the fear and loathing some feel. Iím not talking about Republican establishment people. I understand Trump represents an existential threat for them. To me thatís a good thing. Iím talking about conservative Republicans who somehow see Trump being worse than Mitt Romney or John McCain.

I donít believe that at all.

Trump would be a far better president than either one of them Ė and he can win.

Though I have misgivings about some Trump ideas, hereís what I feel certain he would do as president:

  • Seal the border, build a wall and enforce immigration laws. This is without a doubt one of the most important priorities for Americaís safety and security. If we donít do this, we will cease to be a sovereign, self-governing republic in the next generation.

  • If the Republican Congress sends Trump a bill repealing Obamacare, he will sign it.

  • If the Republican Congress sends Trump a budget that cuts spending, taxes and regulation, he will sign it.

  • If the Republican Congress gets serious about freezing the debt and balancing the budget, Trump will approve.

  • Trump will take on and defeat ISIS.

  • Does anyone really doubt any of these assumptions?

    If someone asked the naysayers a year ago if they would be happy with a president who would do all of these things, how would they react?

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    Did we have someone like that as the Republican nominee in 2012? How about 2008? How about 2004 or 2000? How about 1996 or 1992? How about 1988?

    Do you get my point?

    We havenít had a presidential nominee like that since 1984 and 1980.

    Itís been quite a drought.

    So why are some conservative Republicans apoplectic about Trump? Where were they in 2012 and 2008 and over the last 27 years?

    Thereís certainly no reason to panic about Trump. While he doesnít have the clear-eyed vision and gentle manner of Ronald Reagan, he does have a lot going for him Ė especially compared to Hillary, Bernie, Obama, Romney, McCain, both Bushes and even Bob Dole.

    Can we relax a little, calm down and enjoy the moment?

    Media wishing to interview Joseph Farah, please contact media@wnd.com.

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/03/the-coming-tr...cRdovpk4IGzu.99

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    This man speaks TRUTH Kemosabi!

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