#1 Two Air Force Ones for Obama to go hiking: Defiant president flies to the mountains on a second jet to end his baseball, dancing and dominoes Latin American tour - despite the Brussels bombs by Cincinnatus 25.03.2016 01:16


But Mr President what about your carbon footprint?

Oh, sorry, I forgot such matters only apply to the little people, not you.

President Barack Obama and his family are now on a hiking trip at the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Argentina.

The Obamas landed just after 2:20 local time in a Boeing 757, technically known as a C-32 as Air Force One is a military plane, in Bariloche.

That's a separate plane from the larger 747, or VC-25, they came to the country in. The Obamas took the smaller plane that holds 45 passengers as opposed to 76 on their personal day-trip.

It means that the trip to Latin American involved two presidential jets.

The first family deplaned the smaller aircraft in hiking gear and they prepared to visit ski resort town Bariloche, located in western Argentina in the Nahuel Huapi National Park.

They hiked in Parque Llao Llao, which is part of the national park, on the Villa Tacul Trail, a three kilometers long trek of medium difficulty, this afternoon, and the president, first lady and Malia Obama are now on a boat ride.

They'll return to Washington overnight by way of Buenos Aires.

Thus will conclude problematic week for the U.S. president that saw him attend a baseball game in Havana, play dominoes with a Cuban comic and dance the tango in Argentina while America's allies recovered from a terrorist attack in Belgium.


You, my fellow little people, will be happy to know Michelle's mommy, Marian Robinson, was (as usual) along for the trip (on our dime, of course).

You will also be interested to know the story also includes a picture which states, "MEMORIALObama began his final day in Argentina with a visit to a memorial honoring the victims of Argentina's 'Dirty War' 40 years ago. He's seen here with his counterpart from Argentina, Mauricio Macri (R), making a tribute to those killed by the military dictatorship." For some reason the story does not say whether or not he performed a similar ceremony in Cuba in honor of those murdered by the Communist regime there.

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