#1 BREAKING: Russia Orders Ukranian Forces To Surrender Or Face A Military “Storm” by Eglman 03.03.2014 11:31


And unlike Obama, Russia follows through with their threats.

Via NBC News:

The Russian military has given Ukrainian forces in Crimea until 5 a.m. Tuesday (10 p.m. ET Monday) to surrender or face a “storm,” Interfax news agency reported.

“If they do not surrender by 5 a.m. tomorrow, we will start a real storm in Ukrainian bases in Crimea,” according to the statement sent by the Russians to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, a ministry source told Interfax. NBC News could not immediately confirm the report.

The ultimatum was attributed to Alexandr Vitko, chief commander of Russia’s Black Sea fleet.

Ukraine mobilized for war on Sunday after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared he had the right to invade his neighbor to protect Russian citizens.

The standoff in Ukraine has created the greatest moment of tension between Russia and the West since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, an event Russian President Vladimir Putin once called the worst geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century.


#2 RE: BREAKING: Russia Orders Ukranian Forces To Surrender Or Face A Military “Storm” by conservgramma 03.03.2014 13:33


Meanwhile, Russia is gathering naval ships off our southern coasts:

Russian Warship in Cuban Port - New York Post

And Obama the weenie is sitting in the Oval Office. Not good.

Military storm "indeed".

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