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Outlined below is part of the video from a 19 minute segment Megyn Kelly ran on her show allowing Glenn Beck to launch an attack against Donald Trump without any push-back.

The entire “interview” (actually a one-way diatribe) was targeted to a Fox audience that has not, and does not, pay attention to political comings and goings 24/7/365; in essence, the casual political follower.

There is a lot of misinformation in that entire exposition; but one very specific part of the misinformation that needs to be showcased, and, as luck would have it, exists within our archives – because of the intense importance the moment provided in understanding what was going on in DC.

More specifically, this is part of the accountability we promised in 2009/2010 when we campaigned for and financially supported the Tea Party Candidates.

The original Tea Party patriots, grassroots, supported Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Many people in the past several months have asked when we discovered that Cruz was a fraud. We have repeatedly outlined a very specific time frame when Ted Cruz’s “pivot point” was identified.

Glenn Beck then goes on to say the deal with Mitch is why he dropped support for Rand Paul and yet supports Ted Cruz.

Here’s the problem….

Actually, here’s the lie…

Senator Rand Paul and Senator Ted Cruz made the same deal, together, at exactly the same time.

Stop – Repeat !

“The deal”, as Beck describes it, was actually real – and did actually take place. The deal was to go along with Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell’s overall objectives, electoral objectives AND legislative objectives, as the GOP entered into the 2014 mid-term election cycle.

The deal, which few were tracking at the time, was a deal made just before the legislative Christmas holiday and just after congress returned the following year. “The Deal” was made in December 2013 and January 2014.

Both Senator Rand Paul and Senator Ted Cruz agreed with congressional leadership (McConnell) to go along with the GOP leadership’s electoral/legislative priorities. That was the deal.

Here is an important, but again overlooked, video which took place on January 29th 2014 which discusses the current state of Capitol Hill, the state of the union and the upcoming mid-term elections.........

Both Rand Paul and Ted Cruz agreed to stay out of the mid-term elections for incumbents at the request of Mitch McConnell.
Remember, this agreement is the set up to the Mississippi fiasco of 2014 with Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel. The agreement gave both Rand Paul and Ted Cruz leadership approvals for their 2016 presidential race.

Glenn Beck chooses to remember Rand Paul, but conveniently chooses to forget Ted Cruz cut the EXACT SAME deal.

The research on this is a must see.

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Lots of interesting stuff. I have skimmed and now have to read thoroughly. I have found that generally sundance does very thorough research.

What I find interesting is that I once liked Rand Paul ... then something happened to him a few years ago. He began supporting things that did not seem in his character. I guess this article will explain what and why

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