#1 Exclusive — Jeff Sessions: ‘Clarity of Donald Trump’s Position’ on Trade Is ‘Right’ as Americans Lose Jobs Overseas by algernonpj 26.01.2016 11:51


Exclusive — Jeff Sessions: ‘Clarity of Donald Trump’s Position’ on Trade Is ‘Right’ as Americans Lose Jobs Overseas
by Matthew Boyle25 Jan 2016Washington, DC2,140

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the intellectual leader of the modern conservative movement and the catalyst behind much of the rise of nationalist populism in this election cycle, told Breitbart News exclusively that he thinks there’s much about 2016 GOP presidential front runner Donald Trump for voters to like when it comes to the issue of trade negotiations.

While Sessions is, again, not officially endorsing anyone in the 2016 GOP presidential primaries, his top aide Stephen Miller, the Washington Post reported on Monday afternoon, is joining Trump’s presidential campaign as a senior policy adviser.

Miller has been critical to Sessions’ efforts fighting open borders immigration plans and amnesty for illegal aliens pushed by the political establishment, and equally critical to Sessions’ key role in the war against open borders trade policies pushed by political elites.

The issue of trade roared to the front of the political mindset last year when President Barack Obama joined forces with Speaker of the House-to- be Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) to ram through Congress Trade Promotion Authority (TPA)—which is a fast track program that greases the skids for easy passage of a multitude of globalist trade deals critical to Obama’s legacy.

Those trade deals include the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP), and the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA). The TPA plan helps the establishment’s efforts to ram the deals through, as it lowers the vote threshold in the Senate from 60 votes to 51 votes and kills the ability for Congress to amend deals. If ratified these trade deals, collectively, along with fast track authority known as Obamatrade, would bind the United States to several new global commissions, effectively barreling the U.S. away from sovereignty when it comes to economic plans, Sessions says, towards a European Union-style global leadership.

Sessions, who is standing up for American workers on this issue, told Breitbart News that the reason nobody on Capitol Hill or in the political class—save for Trump—really seems to be fighting this is “complicated,” because the polling data so clearly shows Americans are widely opposed to these types of trade deals. Sessions said:

It’s complicated but fundamentally the United States—and Wall Street, and the Wall Street Journal and the trading centers and like London and Tokyo and Hong Kong—they have this ideal of ‘free trade. They has never been a trade agreement they haven’t supported. It’s sort of become conventional wisdom that Republicans push for free trade agreements, although Republican voters are more hostile in general to it than Democratic voters are according to polling. But we think we know better. What our trading partners—particularly our allies, but our aggressive pacific trading partners—they have aciduously worked to use to those rules to gain an advantage and to increase their exports to the United States while decreasing our exports to their country. And we’ve done nothing about it. We’ve not responded in any effective way. Working people get it—and they’re not happy. That’s part of the clarity of Trump’s position on all this—although I don’t think I would share everything he says about trade, but fundamentally the fact that we’re being taken advantage of is costing Americans jobs and weakening America. [On that, Trump] is right on. I think people have instinctively felt that and that’s been a source of his support.

One of the key areas of trade policy on which Trump has particularly zoned in is currency manipulation—where other nations proactively devalue their currency to increase exports and decrease imports, therefore artificially creating an employment boom in their country while driving unemployment up and wages down in the country on the receiving end of their economic abuses. Sessions noted that the United States has certainly not been doing enough to fight back against this on the world stage.

Sessions told Breitbart News:

There is absolutely no doubt that if a nation acts to devalue its currency, contrary to what market forces would allow, then that country can export more products to the United States and the United States is going to be able to export less products to that country. In other words, it makes their products cheaper in the United States and it makes our products more expensive when they’re exported. This is a known and indisputable fact and if you watch financial pages regularly they talk about the stocks of companies falling because they’re facing wayward currency—stock values of American companies falling—because they’re exporting in a market where our currency is rising and other currencies are falling. China has already devalued its currency 6 percent this year and I’ve heard people say they may do 20 percent or more. When you do that, when you increase your ability to export, then you create employment in your country and you export unemployment to the United States.



#2 RE: Exclusive — Jeff Sessions: ‘Clarity of Donald Trump’s Position’ on Trade Is ‘Right’ as Americans Lose Jobs Overseas by PzLdr 26.01.2016 12:23


He's getting closer to an endorsement every day.

#3 RE: Exclusive — Jeff Sessions: ‘Clarity of Donald Trump’s Position’ on Trade Is ‘Right’ as Americans Lose Jobs Overseas by algernonpj 26.01.2016 15:34


Quote: PzLdr wrote in post #2
He's getting closer to an endorsement every day.

And it would be a big endorsement.

Anyone who like me has been involved in national sovereignty, border security, trade, and jobs issues have great respect for Sessions. Sessions is a source of good sold information and statistics. He is a patriot and nationalist. Sessions may go not as far as I would like but his proposals are eminently doable and practical.

In fact I was impressed that Trump used Sessions, not the camber of congress or any of their shills,. as a source of information when drawing up his immigration policy.

#4 RE: Exclusive — Jeff Sessions: ‘Clarity of Donald Trump’s Position’ on Trade Is ‘Right’ as Americans Lose Jobs Overseas by truthkeeper 26.01.2016 15:40


Jeff Sessions is one politician I actually admire, and I am sure I am not alone.

If Trump gets an endorsement from him it would be quite the coup.

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