#1 Oregon Judge To Bill Ammon Bundy $70,000 Per Day For County Costs Due To Occupation by Cincinnatus 17.01.2016 17:43


The Federal government does not like to be challenged, and it has the resources and the power to make citizens yield, and does so when it cannot win the argument. If you have been following the conflict in Oregon recently between ranchers and the Federal government, you will know that the government, which owns over 50% of the land in eleven western states, is willing to jail you for unintended trespass of undeveloped, unoccupied land.

Two ranchers who did some brush clearing of their own ranch, but inadvertently burned some of the adjoining federal land, are now in prison for a long stay, based on a charge of arson. It is worth pointing out that the fire they started was put out by the ranchers without outside help, and the land itself is actually now healthier and more productive due to the reduction of brush and overgrowth. But the government wants to make sure that everyone understands they are in charge and they have the power.

A small group of ranchers, led by Ammon Bundy, are occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge building in protest of the unjust sentence and the overbearing government position. Fortunately, no violence has developed, but Bundy and his group have vowed to stay until the two ranchers in question are freed. But the government still wants to make a strong point, and they have enlisted a judge to help them.

When the government wants to destroy a citizen, they simply ruin them financially. Harney County judge Steve Grasty(**) has now ordered Ammon Bundy to pay $70,000 a day in fines to cover the extra security costs to the government, which include the blockade set up by the Sheriff’s office to “protect” against possible attacks by Bundy’s group, along with extra staffing costs to “monitor” the situation.

The government is up for the conflict, and they will not be challenged.

“We’re going to send Mr. Bundy the bill,” Grasty said at a town hall meeting on Monday night, encouraging residents to let the militia dry up its own resources. “No matter how you feel, do not bring food and supplies up to the refuge.”

At that same town hall meeting, Harney County sheriff David Ward made it clear that Bundy’s gang wasn’t welcome in their community.

“There’s an hourglass, and it’s running out,” Ward said. “Go home.”

Bundy has not yet responded to the fine, but it may be that this will break the back of the demonstration. When there were urban riots and destruction by Black Lives Matter protesters in the last two years, the government gave up and let the rioters have their way. Of course, they were destroying other peoples property and businesses.


(**) Grasty. Note he is a county judge and is the same guy who told Firechief Briels to stand down and make no further inquiries into the identities of the two suspicious characters Briels met at the armory.

Judge Grasty, also a county commissioner, along with Sheriff Dave Ward, are the county officials who have been promoting the community fear and telling the community about the dangerous militia.

When Chief Briels told Judge Grasty about the undercover FBI agents posing as militia, the fire chief was told to shut up and back off. Fire Chief Briels told Judge Grasty he would not keep quiet and he was going to tell the public what was happening.

Oregon Standoff Update: FBI Caught Posing As Militia Trying To Scare County Residents….

Grasty, btw, is a Democrat in a heavily Republican area. I wonder what is in this for him.

#2 RE: Oregon Judge To Bill Ammon Bundy $70,000 Per Day For County Costs Due To Occupation by algernonpj 18.01.2016 12:48


Grasty, btw, is a Democrat in a heavily Republican area. I wonder what is in this for him.

Treason pays well these days: $$$$$$, power, or perhaps dodging a big stick.

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