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Is it me or does Cruz's ad remind one of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood ?

January 5, 2016
First Trump ad way more effective than Cruz ad
By Ed Straker

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have started running ads. Trump's is great – Cruz's less so.

Trump's ad opens with a grim photo of Hillary and Obama and cuts to people being put in ambulances as the announcer talks about radical Islamic terrorism, showing the photos of the grim radical Islamic killers. Then the narrator talks about Trump's plan to temporarily stop Muslim immigration. The narrator, showing missiles launching, says that Trump will "cut the head" off ISIS and take their oil. Then the narrator talks about his promise to stop illegal immigration with a wall on our southern border, while showing a video of hundreds of Moroccans trying to cross the border into Spain – which is supposed, I guess, to represent our southern border. The video is speeded up and distant, so they look like swarming roaches trying to infest the wall of a home.

This is a very effective ad, talking effectively about illegal immigration and Muslim immigration, using images to convey the seriousness of the situation and what Trump will do about it. Definitely an A+ ad.

Ted Cruz's ad is not so good. In the video, Cruz is wearing a light blue exercise jumper and sitting in an empty living room. Muzak is playing in the background. If all you saw and heard were the images and the background music, you would think it was an ad for J.C. Penney.

Cruz starts out strong, saying that Obama stands by his principles, and so should Republicans. Then he starts speaking in platitudes, like a typical politician: "As President, I won't compromise the values which make us what we are." This is bland, like something I'd expect Marco Rubio to say in one of his memorized speeches.

Then Cruz says, "Our constitution isn't a first draft. Our border isn't a revolving door." All true, but it is said in such a passive way that it has no emotional impact. Where is the video of the cockroaches scurrying across the wall? Where are the missiles? Where are the terrorists who evoke terror and fear? All we see is Cruz wearing his Mr. Rogers outfit, while the Muzak soundtrack is at times louder than his voice.

"And the rule of law wasn't meant to be broken," Cruz continues. All true. But it's passive once again, and his words don't stir up emotion. It's as if he's a history professor lecturing on what's happened, not a leader stirring up a crowd. He closes by saying, "America is off track, but our founding principles will get us back."

Not once does he say what he, Cruz, will specifically do. This ad is mush. It is something I expect from a typical politician. Cruz is acting like a leader in the polls who doesn't want to be offensive. He may be leading in some polls in Iowa, but now is not the time to play it safe.

If you compare the two ads, you will clearly see how Cruz is wasting his ad money.

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Trump's ad here:

Cruz's ad here:

#2 RE: First Trump ad way more effective than Cruz ad by Rufus T Firefly 05.01.2016 10:06


They were reviewing these ads on "The Five" yesterday. Dana Perrino - predictably - was very critical of the Trump ad and its (according to her) misleading use of video footage showing a border somewhere else and saying it was our southern border.

I liked the Trump ad because once again he "doubled-down" on something that he was criticized for saying - i.e. building a wall and having Mexico pay for it. TAKE THAT! statist media!

I thought several on the panel had a valid criticism of the Cruz ad, though. The ending, where he shows Rubio on the phone saying he cannot prepare for the debate because he has to work on his fantasy football picks (or something to that effect).

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