#1 Florida Democrat: we need immigration reform to get hotel maids and lawn guys by Cincinnatus 26.02.2014 01:27


It's a damn good thing for Alex Sink, the Democrat running against David Jolly in a tight Florida special election for Congress, that she isn't a Republican. If she had an (R) after her name, there would be nothing left of her after remarking that immigration reform is vitally necessary to keep hotels full of maids, and lawns well-tended:

[Actual video of this splendid event at this point. She can't very well deny it]

The post-mortems on a Republican's campaign would have begun five minutes after this remark. Luckily, Sink - who "seems allergic to the national attention her race is getting" according to Politico - will receive the standard Democrat concierge service from the media, and her inconvenient remarks will be instantly flushed down the Memory Hole.

Good thing a friendly press doesn't want to ask her any tough questions about ObamaCare, either. If it wasn't for media bias, this race would be a boring cakewalk for Jolly, instead of the thrilling neck-and-neck contest we have today


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