#1 Can Cruz Win the General? Yes, He Can! by Sanguine 17.12.2015 22:00

Can Cruz Win the General? Yes, He Can!
Some say, “I like Cruz, but I'm voting for Trump because I don't believe Cruz can win the general.” These voters are really saying they believe we have lost the country to the Left. Therefore, a true conservative touting traditional values cannot win the presidency in today's America. This mindset reminds me of what many conservatives did to Sarah Palin....

Cruz said as president he will rescind all Obama's illegal and unconstitutional actions; have the DOJ investigate Planned Parenthood and prosecute any criminal violations; direct the DOJ and IRS to end persecution of religious liberty; cancel Obama's insane Iran nuke deal and restore relations with our ally, Israel.

Do not believe the “little” Left growling into a microphone behind a curtain proclaiming that a majority of Americans are in its camp. The Left is lying.

Can Ted Cruz Win the General? Yes He Can!


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