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The Frankfurt School

A group of Marxists formed what has become known as the "Frankfurt School". Their goal is nothing less than to destroy Christian influence in the West.

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Excellent video, Algernonpj. Thanks for posting.

There is a certain pernicious irony in the story of the Frankfurt School in that because it was Marxists and largely composed of Jews, they had to flee Nazi Germany It was the United States which provided them shelter and safety. We grasped an asp to our bosom as the School was dedicated to destroying us, its benefactor.

One can only wonder at the success of the School as its thinking has permeated our entire culture. To give but one example of its impact you need look no further than Herbert Marcuse. This particular SOB taught at some of America's most prestigious universities ultimately finding a position at UCal San Diego. Marcuse supposedly fused Marx with Freud and argued man's true liberation was in indulging in his true erotic nature. His works have quite correctly described as "embedded in prose of almost impenetrable prolixity". Nonetheless during the New Left uprising of the late 60s, early 70s (the Weatherman types), there was a saying, "Marx as prophet, Marcuse as his interpreter, Mao as the sword'. Marcuse was, of course, but one influence on the New Left, and but one member of the Frankfurt School who had such a disparate impact on our nation.

You may wonder how I know so much about these cretins, especially Marcuse. One reason is I have always held a deep fascination with the New Left, a group of privileged, pampered, and coddled individuals, most of whom came from well to do backgrounds and attended the best universities in America. Why they turned against the very system which so richly rewarded them and sought instead to destroy it captivated me so much I wrote my thesis on them while in college. Hence I know about Marcuse in particular because I had to read him as part of my research (yech!). Not bragging, just offering some background.

So anyway herein lies the battle. No one can deny the intellectual poison of such as that of the Frankfurt School currently dominates our culture and ours, Christianity and Conservativism, is constantly on the defensive. It remains to be seen who will win. Only time will tell. Keep the faith.

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