#1 Supreme Court will rule on birth control mandate by Cincinnatus 06.11.2015 15:50


That is the headline which greeted me today when I got on the comp and, even though this is not a new issue, my first thought was: What in heaven's name has the US government got to do with birth control? What are we doing to ourselves? The issue of birth control is so far outside Constitutional boundaries it's absurd. And yet we have one branch of government trying to force employees to pay for it and another branch, composed of 9 political appointees, deciding if it can do that.

We are so lost.

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court agreed Friday to settle a widespread dispute between the Obama administration and religious non-profits over insurance coverage for birth control, which is sure to elevate issues of religious freedom and reproductive rights in next year's presidential campaign.

The justices agreed to hear a challenge to the Affordable Care Act from seven different non-profit organizations claiming religious objections, marking the second time in three years the so-called "contraceptive mandate" has come before the court — and the fourth time in five years it has faced off against President Obama's signature health care law.

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