#1 Scott Walker is the next target of the MSM knockout game by Eglman 21.02.2014 10:22


Having successfully demonized Chris Christie over the closure of traffic lanes on a bridge, the leftist mainstream media are now targeting Scott Walker, another very promising potential GOP candidate for president. All of this in the context media downplaying and outright ignoring revelations of lies under oath in a scandal that cost four American lives including an ambassador that reflects badly on Hillary Clinton.

The Washington Post offered a front page story intimating Scott Walker faces a scandal in an ongoing investigation launched by his political enemies in Wisconsin (who are legion because he successfully took on the public employee unions and won the right for workers to decline union membership, which many of them are now exercising. Jim Gerraghty summarizes in NRO:


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#2 RE: Scott Walker is the next target of the MSM knockout game by Frank Cannon 21.02.2014 11:08


Walker is bullet proof. They tried like hell to attack him, going so far has to cheerlead a recall vote and failed. Walker isn't the fraud Christie. He has a real record and real accomplishments.

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