#1 The Boehner-Obama Budget Deal Explained in One Chart by Cincinnatus 28.10.2015 22:11


I'll forgo the chart. It can be seen at the link. What captures my attention is that once again our politicians, both parties, are promising us a balanced budget and a surplus but, once again, sometime in the future. In the sweet bye and bye...

Does anyone, anyone, believe this bs? Does anyone seriously believe spending will rise by only $85 billion?

Washington is addicted to spending.

The most recent embodiment of this fact is the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015. The deal, agreed to by House Speaker John Boehner and President Barack Obama, increases spending (including debt service and offsets) by $85 billion over the next three years. Nearly half of those offsets (including new revenues) are not realized until 2025—the last year of the budget window.

Between this Boehner-Obama deal and the Ryan-Murray spending agreement of 2013 (the last time Congress revisited the discretionary spending caps), Congress has increased spending by a total of $143 billion before 2021 (the period covered by the Budget Control Act) paid for with $98 billion in savings not realized until after 2021.

As we know from past experience, these “savings” sometimes never materialize because they’re so far into the future.

Rather than taking meaningful steps to address the growing debt, the Boehner-Obama deal is a colossal step in the opposite direction. This deal does nothing to reduce the size or scope of government over any period of time.


#2 RE: The Boehner-Obama Budget Deal Explained in One Chart by algernonpj 29.10.2015 09:44


Since it's not their money they are spending 'what difference does it make'.

I've always wanted to be in a situation where I could spend whatever I felt like and have someone else pick up the tab.

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