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Must be one of them there lone wolf domestic terrorists I keep hearing about. We need laws banning hatchets, more gun control, and lots more pre-crime monitoring.

Police: Suspect Dead After Shots Fired At Tennessee Movie Theater
August 5, 2015 3:30 PM

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (CBS Atlanta/AP) — A suspect wielding a hatchet and a gun inside a Nashville-area movie theater died after exchanging gunshots with a SWAT team that stormed the theater, police said Wednesday.

The suspect, only identified so far as 51-year-old white male, was wearing a surgical mask and was armed with a gun and a hatchet at the Carmike Hickory 8 theater in Antioch, said Don Aaron, a spokesman for Metro Nashville police. The suspect was said to be a local resident.

Aaron said an officer came into the theater and was fired upon by the suspect. The officer shot back, then backed off. After that, a SWAT team came in, and there was another exchange of gunfire. The suspect was then found dead.

The suspect had two backpacks, one that was found outside after the shootout with the SWAT team, and another found inside the theater. Both bags were being examined and detonated by the bomb squad.

The shooting took place during a screening of “Mad Max.”


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Well, that's a weird story.

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Aug 6, 5:57 AM EDT
Suspect in latest theater attack had psychological issues

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- What initially appeared to be another mass shooting at a movie theater ended up being an attack by a disturbed homeless man who wasn't armed with a real gun was eventually shot and killed by police.

Vincente David Montano, 29, bought a ticket for "Mad Max: Fury Road" at a theater in a middle-class community in southern Nashville on Wednesday and entered with pepper spray, an airsoft pellet gun and an ax, Metro Nashville Police spokesman Don Aaron said.

Some of the theatergoers in the audience ran outside and alerted police officers who had responded to a vehicle crash nearby, police said in a news release issued late Wednesday.

South Precinct Officer Jonathan Frith, a six-year veteran, was the first officer to encounter Montano, the news release said. Montano pointed his pellet gun at Frith and pulled the trigger, prompting Frith to fire one round from his patrol rifle in self-defense, the release said. Frith then backed out of the theater while keeping Montano contained inside as SWAT officers responded

At that point, Montano began to use the pepper spray and officers said they encountered a cloud of it as they entered to take Montano into custody. Montano fired his pellet gun again and four SWAT members fired back, the release said. Montano attempted to flee out the rear door of the theater and as he emerged with ax in hand and started toward officers, five opened fire, according to the release. Montano was struck and killed.


Aaron said police had not uncovered a motive, but he said Montano had been committed for psychiatric treatment at least four times, twice in 2004 and twice in 2007. It wasn't immediately clear why he had been committed or if that commitment was involuntary.

"This individual has had significant psychiatric or psychological issues," Aaron said.

The news release said Montano had been committed at least three times while living in Murfreesboro, Tennessee; that he was reported to have lived in a number of states over the years, including Missouri, Texas, Alabama, Illinois, and Florida; and that he was most recently believed to be homeless.



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