#1 French prime minister’s remarks on Islam practically guarantee that Marine LePen of Front National will become the next president of France by ThirstyMan 25.06.2015 08:17


French prime minister’s remarks on Islam practically guarantee that Marine LePen of Front National will become the next president of France

Prime Minister Manuel Vallis in a forum with the theme ‘Republic and Islam: Together accept the challenge,’ said “We must help Islam to grow and solidify its position in France.” Ironically, in his address, he emphasized ‘love and secularism,’ which is contradictory to everything Islam stands for.

The question of the place of Islam in the republic is “a tough question,” according to the Prime Minister who made a simple observation: “The Republic has only existed for two centuries, Islam for 14 centuries, and secularism for a hundred years. “ “We must bring forth an Islam deeply rooted and established in France, in the Republic (Well there goes any possibility of a future for secularism).”

I am convinced that in the coming years, Islam will play an important role in the world. And this role is played in France because we are under siege from millions of Muslims who live in France. If we show the youth that this is where it can happen, we gain a huge ideological battle. “Make it clear to young Muslims, too,” they do not have to assimilate into French culture “but simply” to fully exercise their citizenship.”

Last week, Valis also stressed there was no link between extremism and Islam, as he opened a conference aimed at improving ties with France’s large Muslim community. “We must say all of this is not Islam,” said Valls. “The hate speech, the self-proclaimed imams in our neighborhoods and our prisons who are promoting violence and terrorism.”


Marine LePen, on the other hand…leader of Front National, which has become the largest party in France, could be preparing to ban the Islamic religion throughout the French territory. The solution was mentioned as a means to counter the great European population replacement, the result of widespread Islamization of the country.

For the establishment of the State of Emergency in 2017, the president of the National Front may well prohibit Islam temporarily for safety reasons, before emptying France of its Muslims and/or stopping immigration from Muslim countries. This will require that Marine Le Pen reaches the presidency of the republic, but this should be a formality given her leading position in the current polls.

The last time that Act No. 55-385 of 3 April 1955 governing the state of emergency was used goes back to 2005, when Jacques Chirac, former president, had brought up the subject because of the Muslim suburban riots, something that continues to this day.

This is not only a problem for France, but a problem that has grown exponentially in the past five years.



the translation from French seems a little chippy. looks like a HUGE confrontation with Islam is on its way in France. I sure hope they don't just 'move over' and let the Muzzies rule them. TM

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